Digital Media


UTA's Digital Media Department creates and identifies opportunities for a global roster of individual and corporate clients in the expanding digital media universe. As the leading digital media agency, UTA's digital team and its clients have been recognized for their innovation across numerous digital platforms, including introducing entirely new business models and new forms of entertainment. The Digital Media Department comprises dedicated digital agents with expertise and experience across online entertainment, video games, transmedia, social media and emerging technologies. Clients include globally recognized actors, writers, directors, producers and music artists, in addition to consumer brands and business-to-business corporate clients ranging from venture-backed startups to Fortune 500 corporations.

Online Entertainment

In 2006, UTA became the first major talent agency to launch a division specifically devoted to identifying the next generation of content creators working in broadband media. Today, UTA's Online division is the recognized leader in digital representation, with UTA clients having created and contributed to numerous genre-defining digital franchises such as Prom Queen, Ask a Ninja, Fred, The Guild, Young Hollywood, LonelyGirl15, ControlTV, H+, Smosh and The Cheezburger Network. UTA's Online agents also help connect national brands with creators and global distribution platforms to create brand-supported original programming. The Online division additionally crosses over digital clients and formats into traditional media and advises corporate clients on digital content strategies.


UTA is a pioneer in the burgeoning field of transmedia storytelling, representing many of the key creative voices and business leaders who are driving the creative and financial opportunities unlocked through transmedia narrative development. UTA clients have provided transmedia services for major franchises including Avatar, Halo, Pirates of the Caribbean and Transformers.

Social Media

UTA's Social Media practice, the first of its kind amongst major talent agencies, advises individual and corporate clients on social media, including best-in-class content, marketing, engagement and monetization strategies.

Video Games

UTA's Video Game practice represents major video game publishers, developers and individual creators and writers working in console, casual, mobile and social gaming. UTA advises clients on the development of original game IP across emerging platforms and also advises major game companies on translating game IP into film, television and other media categories. Similarly, UTA agents advise individual and corporate non-game clients on opportunities across the gaming landscape.

Digital Consulting

UTA's Digital Media Department provides strategic consulting services to companies inside and outside of the digital media world. UTA is a business development resource for early-stage digital companies seeking to scale their business through licensing and distribution deals as well as strategic partnerships and other growth initiatives. UTA also provides senior level, multi-disciplinary strategic and business development services for Fortune 500 companies interested in leveraging both traditional and digital media.

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