Lonely Island

The Lonely Island

The Emmy-winning, Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum comedy rap group The Lonely Island are set to embark on their SOLD OUT first-ever tour. Fans fortunate enough to get the highly in-demand tickets will witness their favorite SNL digital shorts come to the live stage. The Lonely Island’s first major tour comes off the momentum of the group’s first ever live concert at last year’s Clusterfest in San Francisco. The headline performance was packed with special guests including Michael Bolton, T-Pain and Chris Parnell and was met with rave reviews:

“The Lonely Island packed gloriously dumb jokes into a live concert that had its audience roaring with laughter,” said SFWEEKLY.com.

“You've never really lived until you've seen the American classic ‘Jizz in My Pants’ live, which means the vast majority of the planet has never really lived,” said COMPLEX.com. And from The San Francisco Chronicle, “Many of the best moments of the night can’t be described easily, either because of the boundary-pushing adult content, or the creative stage work.”