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Remi Cruz

Remi Cruz, aka Miss Remi Ashten is a YouTube personality and entrepreneur who has amassed over 5 million followers across her social channels. Most recently, Remi launched her skincare line HoneyPop with the “I’m on Staycation Tonight” DIY Face Mask Kit + Acne Treatment. The full DIY kit includes: Kick It Off Mud, Mask Base, Chillax De-Puffing Magic Serum, Scrub It Away Exfoliating Jelly and Clear Vibes Acne Treatment. Additionally, Remi regularly produces videos for her personal YouTube channel in the realm of DIYs, cooking tutorials, makeup and fashion videos and even dance music videos. Remi also began incorporating health and wellness videos into her channel as she started her journey to become more active and lead a healthier lifestyle. By cutting out junk food and working out, Remi has lost more than 50lbs. She has worked with impressive brands including SoulCycle, Tarte Cosmetics, HP and M&Ms Chocolate and has been featured in publications such as Refinery29, AdWeek and Paper Magazine to name a few.

Remi and Alisha Marie recently launched a weekly podcast called ‘Pretty Basic’, which debuted at #1 On the Apple Podcast chart and was also the top trending podcast on Spotify!

age 17-34
males 19%
females 81%