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Steph Shep

This tiny town girl was catapulted to the pinnacle of fame when Stephanie Shepherd began working alongside arguably the most famous woman in the world, Kim Kardashian West. Taking 5 years of insider knowledge and experience with her, Steph left her role as COO of Kardashian West Brands and stepped out on her own. As an authority on style to her millions of fans, Steph has partnered with various tastemaker brands – from American Express to Google to Shiseido. In her 2018 collaboration with J Brand Jeans, Stephanie’s debut design #LittleBlackJean sold out in less than a day, leading to further iterations of the design that sold just as quickly. Most recently, Shepherd has taken her beauty and fashion expertise to Elle magazine as a monthly contributor.

Shepherd pairs her social influence with an enthusiasm for social activism. As an ambassador to “The Climate Reality Project”, spearheaded by Al Gore, she advocates for climate change education. Additionally, Stephanie is an ambassador for “Days For Girls” and has joined “Khana” as their Strategic Advisor after learning menstruation is a barrier to education and opportunity, in underprivileged countries. As a non-profit, Khana provides girls in the developing world with the tools they need to manage menstruation and stay in school.

age 18-44
males 30%
females 70%