The Stauffer Girls headshot

The Stauffer Family

At the center of their fame is the family’s twin girls, Emma and Mila, who have taken the internet by storm. These three year-old toddlers, along with their 15 year-old sister Kaitlin, have created a must-see destination for laughs, cuteness and musical talent.  Katie Stauffer, who has a degree in fashion design, created an Instagram account to share photos and videos of her everyday life with friends and family. In rapid fire time, their Instagram following has grown to 3.8 million dedicated fans and her posts have garnered millions of views while turning the kids into mainstream stars.

Katie’s husband Charlie (not pictured), a chemical engineer turned family physician, and their children Kaitlin, Charles, and Finn are regularly featured. They are a great family and will have considerable impact overall in the lifestyle space. In addition to Instagram revenue, we are also converting their celebrity power in the areas of books, personal appearances, licensing, and development of a television series.

age 25-44
males 15%
females 85%