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Ashley Campbell

Songwriter, Singer, and Banjo Player

Armed with musical genius, Ashley Campbell is walking in the tradition of an iconic musical pedigree. The daughter of country legend Glen Campbell, she plays her own instruments, composes modern country music, and performs with a skill beyond her years.

Songwriter. Singer. Banjo Player. Consummate Performer. Ashley Campbell juggles all four roles with ease. Campbell was her dad’s banjo player, keyboardist, and harmony vocalist for his final tour. While she gladly supported him musically, Campbell is now stepping out on her own. Glen Campbell’s longtime fans may hear something familiar in Campbell’s melodies as she embraces these similarities while distinguishing herself as a talented frontwoman.

Her most recent album The Lonely One debuted at #1 on Amazon and #2 on iTunes in the UK. The Lonely One was also featured on NPR’s New Music Friday playlist. The album displays a broad musical palette ranging from Rock to Country to Soul, all while showcasing Campbell’s incredible musical talent.

Her music is a mix of her wide-ranging influences, combining the old-school country sound popularized by her father during the ’60s and ’70s with contemporary Americana, rootsy folk, and country-pop. Campbell is a multi-talented entertainer.

A newcomer with years of heavy touring under her belt, Campbell is attracting the spotlight these days with her style, talent, and a unique sound all her own.


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